Cancer Support Package

6. Cancer Support Package

This consultation package is suitable for anybody with a cancer diagnosis who wishes to incorporate Nutritional Therapy as part of their recovery and healing.

It is well publicised that healthy eating can have a beneficial effect on cancer survival times and improve the quality of life for the patient. Some have even put their full recovery from cancer down to Nutritional Therapy.

Using a carbohydrate-restricted diet is one such approach, and is the one used at Arisepeter! Nutritional Therapy.

This may mean a ketogenic diet, if the client wishes to explore this popular dietary strategy for cancer management (a very low carbohydrate diet of about 20 grams of carbohydrate a day or less), alongside intermittent fasting.

Supplements will be incorporated into the program, depending on the client’s needs and which symptoms need managing the most.

Cancer patients can rightly expect noticeable improvements:

greater energy, better appetite, positivity, pain management etc.

I have worked with clients who have gone on to acheive a complete remission from their cancer. Some have used mainstream treatments alongside Nutritional Therapy, while others have chosen to use alternative strategies exclusively.

This means i stay very, very positive with my cancer clients, no matter how dark things get for them, simply because the example of others who have healed is constantly in my mind.

So long as any of us are still alive and have breath, we should never give up the possibility of getting our health back, if we have lost it . A cancer diagnosis in no way needs to change that, and in fact offers an opportunity to see a very real and acheievable goal: the restoration of our health.

It is absolutely imperative that i am able to speak freely to the client that is going through the cancer, and not exclusively with a well-meaning relative.

If the client is not able to make his/her own decisions without interference or objections from family and/or friends, then any therapy is simply impossible.

Any decision about the best way ahead must come ultimately from my own negotiations with the client who is going through the cancer process, and not from friends and relatives first and foremost (even though everything will be explained to closest family members/ friends as well).

I kindly ask that this position is respected.

Please do not contact me on behalf of somebody else who is going through cancer, with a view to starting consultations on their behalf ( but inquiries are always welcome, however).

My first point of contact  for this cancer support package must be with the actual client and not with relatives. This also demonstrates to me that the cancer client is the one wanting to to take control of their own health ( and not just family memebers) by taking the first step themselves.

If i cannot speak directly with the client and formulate a plan with that individual then, as i say, there is no possibility of using Arisepeter! Nutritional Therapy, in that instance, for cancer support.

If there is continued interference from family or friends during this three month support package, to the point where the client is clearly distressed, then it may result in terminating the support package and refunding the money for any outstanding consultations.

Sadly, anger, confusion and fear are the most dominant emotions when it comes to cancer, in most instances.

Fear has to be appropriately addressed for the body and mind to heal properly, and that will be a key focus of the initial consultation (along with the email support).

In my role as teacher, we will explore the findings of German New Medicine which looks to unexpected and extremely traumatic and unexpected life events (not just ‘stress’) that trigger the 2-phase cancer process (a ‘conflict-active’ phase and a ‘healing phase’) as part of an adaptive survival mechanism, according to Dr Hamer.

Dr Hamer himself developed testicular cancer the year after his son was tragically murdered in 1979, and so began his own journey of discovery that connected this unexpected loss with his body’s own meaningful reaction ( the development of a tumor).

Package includes the following items:

  • Initial consultation of 2 hours
  • Choice of either a cookery demonstration or a supermarket-run (up to two hours, as needed)
  • Full email support in the interim period
  • Follow-up consultation at 6 weeks (1 hour)
  • Support emails
  • Final 1-hour consultation, through Skype or by telephone, looking to the future and monitoring the clients progress throughout the past three months

3 month Plan £450


  • "Cameron, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and care. I am a different woman - aged around 34 I think haha! I cannot believe the outer physical transformation in such a short time. My hair is so lusture, my skin radiant and soft. I feel like my waist is shrinking in and just feel beautiful and feminine like I used to. I feel alive again!"

    Jacqui, London Menopausal Symptoms
  • "Cameron, I finally got my blood work done sometime in November and was completely shocked by the results. My glomerular filtration rate (GFR) went from a 16 to a 27. Praise the Lord! Prior to this, the transplant doctor had taken me off one of the blood pressure medications because the taurine had helped in lowering and stabilising. Thanks for all your help!"

    Autrey, Maine USA (Skype client) Advanced Stage 4 Kidney Disease
  • "It's been 2 weeks since coming off the citalopram and continuing with the supplements. The psoriasis on my elbows and in my ears is already so much better!" [One Year Later] "I am, for the most part, pain free. Thank you!"

    Donna, Bournemouth Rheumatoid Arthritis and Skin Issues
  • "After 3 months therapy, my Navarro urine test has come back at 49 I.U which means I am clinically in remisson. Thank you!"

    Ruth, Bournemouth Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer
  • "I am now getting back to my normal weight. My lungs are better now and it would appear that I no longer have asthma!"

    Karen, Bournemouth Asthma
  • "I am at the start of week 5 of your high fat / low carbohydrate diet and supplement protocol. Changes are: much better energy levels, last week I cycled to and from work again every day, not done that for 6 months. It is so good to have regular exercise back in my life. Also enjoying the weekends now instead of just feeling dead tired on my days off. I have much smoother skin and stronger nails, they still haven't broken! The black circles under my eyes are fading. My mood is much improved and feeling very positive. I don't really think the words 'thank you' can convey enough my gratitude to you for this knowledge you have given me. I have suffered for four and a half decades of pain and frustration and all I had to do was eat really delicious food and take a few simple supplements!"

    Helen, Bournemouth Chronic Constipation
  • "You have given me so much help in just a few weeks alone, following a high fat / low carbohydrate diet. We would love to see you lecture here!"

    Linda, Chichester Type 2 Diabetes
  • "Thank you for making today an amazing life changing experience. We require more people like you with insight, sensitivity and a true understanding of the vessel we live in, in all of its complicated forms. Once again thank you!"

    Oscar, London HIV Aids
  • "Thank you for your time last week, Cameron. Meeting you has given me the reassurance that I am at least on the right path! Thanks again!"

    Tazmin, London Stage 3 Breast Cancer
  • "I’m really pleased that my arm and shoulder problems have completely disappeared after just 4 days. That was several weeks ago and my arm has gone from strength to strength, Cameron. I’ve also had loads of compliments as my hair is looking so much more healthy than it was before. I started eating and drinking more fat and cream etc. also loving the creamy coffees!"

    Dorothy, Southbourne Iritis and Muscular pains
  • "I started taking the black seed capsules and stonebreaker extract alongside all the other supplements straight away! Within 2 days all the spots had gone ... I was delighted! I carried on taking the acute regime for a few more days then went back onto the maintenance programme and have remained tonsillitis free all this time! Thank you!"

    Maria, Bournemouth Recurrent Tonsillitis
  • "I went for a consultation with Cameron in 2018 about my diet and the advice was invaluable. I immediately felt better and started losing weight. I now have control of my diabetes. I would recommend anybody to visit him if you are concerned about any aspect of your health."

    Stephen, Bournemouth Type 2 Diabetes

Any questions?

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